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Bamboo Benefits and Care

  • Biodegradable
  • Bamboo is a renewable resource which makes this product environmentally friendly
  • Commercial Dishwashing machine safe.
  • Reusable Disposable. Comparable in cost per use to high-end plastic disposables. Cost per use based on 20 uses can range from 5 cents to 48 cents per use. Cost per use based on 100 uses can range from 1 cent to 10 cents per use.
Care Instructions
  • Not oven or Microwave safe
  • Carving or serrated knives could scratch or damage surface.
  • Product can break down after extensive use.
  • After numerous dishwashing machine cycles glaze could eventually start to wear off.
  • If glaze starts to wear off, product is still usable. Product might start feeling a little rough to the touch.
  • Items could get scratched in an industrial dishwasher if rubbed against other items.
  • Product could crack, break or chip when dropped or banged against a hard surface.
  • Sold in Case Packs or Master Packs. Request Price List for quantities of Case Packs and Master Packs.
  • All items available in 5 colors: Natural, Black, Red, Green, Orange.
  • All items in stock pending availability.