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Bamboo Risers    
Bamboo Collection (All Natural, Biodegradable, Dishwasher-safe)
Editor's Choice for Best New Product Green Tabletop (Intn'l Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show Nov. 2011)    
                                                                                                                               Incline Plates & Bowls    
   Square Plates & Bowls     Sushi Plates                                Leaf Platters    
 Square Plate                      Sushi Plate                      Square Bowls                      Leaf Platter                  Incline Plate w/Bowls    
Bamboo Bowls with Lines                   Bamboo Salad Bowls                    Bamboo Sushi Plate & Leaf Plates           
Classic Collection (Resin-coated Cast Aluminum)    
   Condiments                   Displays                            Fiesta                              Food Pans                       Salad Bars    
       Ovals                             Rectangles                        Rounds                                 Squares                    Triangles    
                                                      Straight Sided Salad Bar Bowls
         Salad Bar                    Shallow Sphere Bowl                Wire Stands/Chopstix Stand
Rectangular Fruit Bowl                                                                   Salad & Fruit Bars    
 Chopstix Stand with Fruit Bowls                                      Condiments                                           Fiesta                        Display Platters
                Fruit Salad & Breakfast Bars                                                                                                1/4Moon Platters
                   Antipasto Bar                                          Salad Bar                             Dessert Display            Antipasto Display

     Oval Platters                  Step Display                 Shallow Sphere Bowl        Coffee Break
Round Dressing Inserts                                               Bread Display                   Salad Bar
4 Division Condimeant             Shell                      Oval Spheres                 Dessert Display                    Paellera    
Chef Martin uses our unique serving bowls for all his buffet catering. Colored Salad Bar Bowls and Salad Dressing Containers are used for foodservice display White pasta salad serving bowls and black tile inserts are an essential part of restaurant supplies
                                  Colorful Salad Bar on Tiles                                                          Pasta Salad Bar on Tiles   
Our banquet platters and serving bowls are ideal for buffet catering or banquet displays  Fruit Salad display platters and bowls Salad Bar Bowls for cold buffet display include food service display bowls and food service display plattersAntipasto  serving ware on ice using banquet bowls and banquet platters are perfect for buffet catering 
   Chef Martin                                         Fruit Salad Bar on Ice                                                        Antipasto Bar
 Small buffet ware bowls add to the buffet serving ware needed for food service displays Boat-shaped serving bowl should always be included as part of any buffet catering supplies or buffet displays Large rectangular serving platter with triple condiment bowl adds to the unique foodservice display ware that many caterers or wholesale restaurants require.. Serving bowls or serving dishes also known as molcajetes can be used for salsa when offering buffet catering
Square Salad Bar Inserts                                        Boat                                  Crudite Display                 Molcajetes
 Ice Bucket and serving bowls from Bugambilia are perfect complements for all wholesale restaurant supplies Buffet display ware by Bugambilia includes unique serving bowls such as rectangular trays, square trays, food platters, round trays and a large variety of other banquet trays or banquet bowls or banquet platters. Round serving bowl can be used for chips and when placed on a display stand it will contribute to the unique buffet display
        Ice Bucket and Condiment bowls                                                          Molcajetes & Large Round Bowl on Round Stand  
Banquet serving stands and table ware in tangerine is great for foodservice displayRound buffet serving ware works well in a restaurant display or a buffet displaySquare display bowls for restaurant foodservice
Stainless Steel Tiles                                        Fruit Bowls on Chopstix                         Deep Miami Round Bowls        Square Platter    
 Round dressing inserts can be used as unique serving bowls for your foodservice displayBuffet serving ware includes rectangular banquet bowls for buffet displaysFoodservice serving trays can accommodate a wide variety of foodservice products  
   Deep Square Bowls                Round Salad Dressing Inserts                        Rect. Bowl                                   Rect. Fruit Bowl